It all began with Dafne,

Well, maybe even sooner – as a kid, I grew up in the country. For as long as I can remember we had a dog, he was called Bodrík. But only Dafne, our black lab caused me to see a story behind every dog, his own world.

And so I made first pictures. My Dafne is a noble dog; she has the size for it. But even despite the respect, which she can cause, she’s a dog with a big heart. A walking canisterapia. She’s a lady. And so the “Baroness Dafne” – my first dog portrait came to be.

One after another, dogs suddenly started to appear in my neighborhood, which were more or less known to me. And I came up with a story for each and everyone of them. Thus my pilots, sailors, ballerinas, countesses or chess players came to be.

All dogs, whether they have their own loving master or they live in a dog shelter and are only waiting for a better destiny, are amazing creatures, which know how to be not only house pets. They are our partners and best friends, which we like to personify. They are “only” dogs, but we know, that they are very, very close to us.